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Better futures

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Young people across Africa are using our Tiko platform to make positive life decisions. We connect our members’ needs to existing local providers, by building ecosystems of local health services, community organisations and micro-entrepreneurs. With this diversity of actors we’re able to create impact at scale.

Powered by behavioural economics, we use nudge tools including reminders, follow-ups, subsidies and instant rewards to motivate our members. From manicures to contraceptives, Tiko offers a broad range of wellbeing products and services to foster long-lasting healthy behaviours. Currently we connect primarily adolescent girls and young mothers to a variety of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services and antenatal care (ANC) from local providers.

Making big impact possible

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Thriving Ecosystems

Tiko connects across supply and demand, building networks of donors, local services and communities to deliver joined-up health services on the ground.

Our ecosystems are made up of highly diverse actors, from pharmacies to beauty salons to local shops. Being connected through our platform means that each supplier can do what they do even better and are rewarded for it. It also allows us to integrate multiple programmes into one, so Tiko can offer anything from medical consultations to contraceptives, STI test-kits to vocational training to motivate our members.

Through our role as a connector, we ensure our services are relevant and we boost local economies wherever we go. Our signature ecosystem approach means we leverage expertise, funds and infrastructure to scale fast.

Our ecosystems are at varying stages of maturity from nascent projects in Burkino Faso to established programmes in Kenya. In Kenya for example, we are currently operating 145 such ecosystems which have helped us serve 268,226 adolescent girls with contraceptive products and services, in just the last two and a half years - making it one of the most impactful health programmes in East Africa (ITH impact report, 2015-2019).

Big impact

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Motivated Choices

Our platform connects members to a range of health and wellbeing offers to explore on their own terms. Accessible to everyone, everywhere in high tech (mobile app), low tech (SMS service) and no tech (membership card), Tiko also motivates members to adopt positive behaviours with behavioural nudges.

Our financial nudges can be discount offers on healthcare services and rewards to spend locally. Non-financial nudges vary from social support to peer referral, gamification to digital and offline reminders.

Our conversion rate of 89%* reassures us that our offers are motivating for our members and that this is a model where our members are making decisions on their own terms.

With real agency to choose, Tiko inspires lasting good habits while boosting local economies.

*Jan - July 2020

Better futures

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Agile Programmes

Using the real-time data generated from member interactions, user ratings and customer surveys, we measure our impact quantitatively. We evaluate how effective our incentives are and gain valuable insights into the behavioural trends of our members.

Our donors have access to our dashboard and have day-to-day visibility of our programmes. It means we can collaborate to increase positive impact at any given time. This gives us agility, offers transparency and delivers trust across the ecosystem, while making our resources more efficient and our work more relevant.

Effective outcomes


of our members enrolled in Kenya visited a provider. Updated as of yesterday.


of our members in Kenya who took a service were repeat users. Updated as of yesterday.


of all our providers in Kenya were rated 5 stars. Updated as of yesterday.

Our model

Our Tiko model delivers a new way to collaborate, a better way to motivate young people and a more efficient way to manage programmes. All this means more impact at scale and at a lower cost. We trigger change, for good.

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