We motivate people to make positive choices. We use nudges such as reminders, follow-ups, and reward points to encourage them to get sexual reproductive health services and products. We also support entrepreneurs in adding value to their economies.

By enroling, the users get access to our program membership, which allows them to get offers (health and lifestyle products, services, discounts, etc.) through our reward points.

Our Platform is accessible to anyone regardless of technology access, technology proficiency, or even literacy

For smartphone users

For smartphone users

Triggerise apps and integrations with popular messaging apps

For feature phone users

For feature phone users

SMS and missed call

No phone? No problem

No phone? No problem

Users get a membership card

But what’s a platform?

Platform is the tech buzzword of the year. Netflix is a platform, aggregating films and TV shows. Spotify and Amazon are too. Our platform links communities of users, partners, content and transactions, aiming to motivate positive behaviour. We use technology – websites, apps, SMS, membership cards – to power our platform.

How? Our platform includes two kinds of infrastructure:

Technology: The websites, apps, SMS, and membership cards that people use to engage with our platform

Partnerships: Service providers, entrepreneurs, content creators, retailers, wholesalers, and product distributors support us in providing key offerings.

This video shows Triggerise Kenya’s flagship project, In Their Hands. The consumer-facing brand is called t-safe and our archetype’s name is Esther. She is between the age of 15-19.

Partners & Donors

Our partners are aligned with our mission, vision and values. They inspire us, work with us and help us to fulfil our mission.