Triggerise Data Analyst Lead

Nairobi, Kenya


Do you thrive in a fast-paced, constantly changing and evolving work environment? Are you excited by challenge and have demonstrated success analysing data that not only measures performance but improves execution? Are you savvy at visualizing data that provides dashboards which leads to decision making to improve performance? Have you been following and involved the latest in data analytics technology and able to apply them to dig deeper in trouble shooting and risk management? The top line definition of this role is to proactively analyze data for performance, reporting and risk management of the In Their Hands (ITH) projects. Have you been successful at delivering innovative, visual, and analytic dashboards? Are you successful and pro-active at identifying suspicious and triangulating data points that identify below performance areas? If this describes you and you are interested read on and consider applying to the Triggerise Data Analyst Lead position.

Triggerise is a growing non-profit social enterprise headquartered in The Netherlands, with offices in South Africa, Portugal, India, Ethiopia, and Kenya. Triggerise builds scalable digital solutions, using mobile technologies, to deliver resources to underserved communities where traditional aid fails to address the changing needs of fragile markets. Triggerise employs a digital marketing platform that connects consumers to local small businesses—giving them both the power to access and deliver aid on their own terms. Building on these relationships, we specialize in rewards-based platforms to motivate consumers to make positive choices—helping them to overcome individual barriers as they arise while adding value back into their economies. Triggerise is growing rapidly and expanding to new geographies and implementing new innovations each quarter.

The Triggerise Data Analyst Lead is:

    • Committed to the Triggerise mission, vision, and theory of change which requires strong supporters of full reproductive rights
    • Savvy in the latest methodologies and digital technologies in coordinating cost effective data analytics that leads to improved performance.
    • A graduate with at least an undergraduate degree in computer science, data management, statistics or management of information systems (MIS).
    • Creative in problem solving within a diverse team.
    • Dedicated to data driven decision making for improved evidence outcomes.
    • Has at least 7 years in a data management and/or analytics position that demonstrates experience in delivering visual and strategic data analytics that measures performance and outcomes. 
    • Able to demonstrate computer skills in Excel, Powerpoint, PBI, Tableau etc. 
    • Proficient in written and spoken Kiswahili and English
    • Able to travel domestically 
    • Successful at just getting things done with speed and efficiency.


Triggerise is an implementing partner on the ITH project that is being  implemented across 18 counties in Kenya. The Data Analyst Laed (DAL) is directly responsible for data analysis, risk analysis, and providing dashboards of the diverse (In Their Hands) ITH interventions. Specifically, the DAL will: 

    • Manage the daily analysis and triangulation of Tikosystem data points outlining performance and risk factors in dashboards that will be consumed by the ITH team.
    • Ensure coordinated analysis of Tikosystem data with audited verification according to risk management standard operating procedures with the Risk Management Lead.
    • Analyse data on a daily basis to better understand the users of the platform, and provide suggestions and solutions to increase cost-efficiencies 
    • Provide all support functions need to work closely with internal Triggerise staff (Tikosystem Administrator, Tikosystem Facilitators and Area Tikosystem Managers) to troubleshoot, prevent and develop solutions to digital and data issues that come up with actors using the Tikosystem.  
    • Manage the Tikosystem Data Analyst and two Tikosystem Administrators in their day-to-day functions, providing guidance and support, and ensuring successful achievement of their KPIs 

The DAL role is dedicated full time towards the responsibilities listed above and will be based in Nairobi. She/he will report directly to the Kenya Country Lead.  This is a contract position and will be assessed on overall success of meeting the following KPIs that contribute to the success of the ITH project:

    • Collaborate with ITH stakeholders on production of customized and ad-hoc reports: work closely with ITH stakeholders to develop monthly, quarterly or annual reporting and data analysis templates for county engagement meetings, donor reporting, partner reporting and M&E frameworks that track project performance.
    • Proactively establish an ITH data literacy programme: identify analytics skill gaps, promote and sustain our company data culture through peer collaboration, training & coaching staff at all levels in using an analytical and data-driven approach to decision-making.
    • Coordinate the use of data analytics in developing risk profiles for all ITH platform actors: work closely with the Risk Management Lead (RML) by using analytical approaches in risk identification, measurement, monitoring, assessment and reporting to determine the financial impact of risk to the ITH project.
    • Responsible for applying best practices in Data Management: collaborate with the data product team to take inventory, label and document all organisational structured and unstructured data assets; to determine quality, accuracy, usability and applicability of each and ensure they are being leveraged to their full business value.
    • Collaborate with the ITH digital marketing team to identify potential areas of data analytics: work closely with the digital team to understand social media campaign details to more accurately draw insights and recommendations to optimize effectiveness.

Job Requirements

Required education: Post-graduate education
Required relevant work experience: 7 years
Required languages: Swahili (Spoken: fluent | Written: fluent)English (Spoken: fluent | Written: fluent),