Our Team

Meet our team that make us proud

Alexandre Barrote


I studied Information Science and Medical Informatics, because I always had a big interest in technology and also in the health area. Since I finished my studies I have developed my professional career in Support. I like to solve problems and make the user experience easier. As personal characteristics, I consider my sense of humor and companionship my strengths.



Grace has a background in Mathematics and Computer Science with experience on data analysis in the medical research sector. Grace has joined Triggerise as a data analyst. She is passionate towards using data to propose solutions for effective decision making.

Tiago Complete


A software engineer with a deep passion for web and mobile applications. Always eager to learn new technologies and methodologies to improve himself and every project he works on. Tiago joined Triggerise to work with the engineering team on any challenges that arise, that Movercado is designed to solve.



Curving his way from a background in Music Business and Communications, Kenneth is passionate in improving user based integrated systems through data analyses. He is Triggerise Support Systems Guru with adverse skills in decision making, creativity and adaptability having thrived in his early career in start-up environments.