Senior Data Architect


The Company

Triggerise is a growing non-profit headquartered in The Netherlands, with offices in South Africa, Portugal, India, and Kenya that aims to disrupt the traditional humanitarian aid sector by introducing digital innovation to the market. Triggerise uses scalable mobile technologies to deliver life-improving resources to underserved communities where traditional aid fails. Triggerise connects consumers to local small businesses—giving them both the power to access and deliver aid on their own terms. Building on these relationships, we specialize in rewards-based platforms to motivate consumers to make positive choices—helping them to overcome individual barriers as they arise while adding value back into their economies. 

The Job

Triggerise is looking for a senior data architect who will work closely with the Director of Technology and be responsible for developing and governing our data and information strategy in order to drive business decisions and growth. You will develop data procedures and policies, and work closely with various departments to collect, prepare, organize, protect and analyze data assets while ensuring that the company meets industry best practices. Other duties will include leading inter-disciplinary teams, improving and streamlining data systems within the company, and driving innovation. 

The successful candidate will have a proven track record in data management, leadership and information technology systems and tools. A strong background in IT and grasp on the latest trends and technologies is a must.

What will be your responsibilities?

    • Define the new architecture for Triggerise’s data needs;
    • Orchestrate a development plan for the proposed architecture;
    • Lead, motivate and manage data work across various teams;
    • Oversee the collection, storage, management, quality and protection of data;
    • Implementing data privacy policies and complying with data protection regulations;
    • Effectively communicate the status, value, and importance of data collection to executive members and staff;
    • Work closely with business stakeholders to define requirements;
    • A strong desire to establish standards of best practice.

What requirements should you have?

    • Knowledge of relevant applications, big data solutions, and tools;
    • Strong knowledge of database structure systems and data mining;
    • Advanced knowledge with SQL;
    • Excellent organizational and analytical abilities;
    • Outstanding problem solver;
    • Good written and verbal communication skills;
    • Experience with  gathering and analyzing system requirements;
    • Experience with Scrum (or other agile methodologies) is a plus.

What would be even better?

    • More than 5 years’ experience in a similar role
    • To be of adventurous spirits;
    • To be open to explore, travel and interact with people from all over the world;
    • To be loud and big-mouthed at times when you have a strong opinion about something;
    • To feel confident enough to proactively grasp problems/challenges/opportunities when you encounter them;
    • To be critical about what we do and how we do it;
    • To have a healthy drive to improve Triggerise as best as you can;
    • To have ambition to help your team grow and to grow personally.

Our tech team is currently based out of Porto, Portugal. But we are expanding rapidly so as long as you are skilled at what you do, honest and responsible individual who can work independently, we would love to hear from you no matter where you currently live.

The Rewards

In return for your hard work and dedication, we offer a competitive salary among other nice perks like:

    • Flexible and encouraged growth options (seniority, additional team(s), role, etc);
    • Annual conference/workshop to pick and attend;
    • Not a limited set of holidays, if you can make it work with your team you’re good to go;
    • Opportunities to travel (and not only to the most straightforward places!);
    • An environment to help shape as we grow, to leave your mark on how we do things;
    • A contemporary working environment where we trust in people taking their responsibilities over policies, protocols and management structures.

The Details

If you are interested, please send in your CV and optionally a cover letter to: