Scrum Master

Porto, Portugal

Triggerise is looking for someone bright & enthusiastic, with passion for our mission, who has an understanding of the Agile Principles, Scrum Framework, and who has a healthy drive to help our organisation forward.

Triggerise has grown from having one development team to having several, multidisciplinary teams that work hard to contribute as much value as possible every sprint. We’re looking for a Scrum Master to fill the position in some of the established teams.

Your responsibilities as Scrum Master for one of these teams would be:

    • Help the team grow stronger and more efficient;
    • Secure that the Scrum process is honoured;
    • Facilitate what the team needs for optimal performance;
    • Lead further team building;
    • Identify & solve impediments;
    • Protect the team from external distractions;
    • Support the organisation in working with the team;

What requirements should you have?

    • Fluency in English;
    • Understand and embrace Scrum & the Agile principles;
    • Some experience as a Scrum Master;
    • Some experience in a digital development environment;
    • You are of strong enough character to fulfil your responsibility as process leader in the team;
    • You are able to connect with many people without too much effort, and practice common sense and pragmatism where needed to progress together;

What would be even better?

    • To be of adventurous spirits;
    • To be open to explore, travel and interact with people from all over the world;
    • To be loud and big-mouthed at times when you have a strong opinion about something;
    • To feel confident enough to proactively grasp problems/challenges/opportunities when you encounter them;
    • To be critical about what we do and how we do it;
    • To have a healthy drive to improve Triggerise as best as you can;
    • To have ambition to help your team grow and to grow personally.

Ideally you would integrate our office in Porto, Portugal. Don’t let this prevent you from applying in any case, we’re happy to consider other alternatives.

The Rewards

In return for your hard work and dedication, we offer a competitive salary among other nice perks like:

    • Flexible and encouraged growth options (seniority, additional team(s), role, etc);
    • Annual conference/workshop to pick and attend;
    • Not a limited set of holidays, if you can make it work with your team you’re good to go;
    • Opportunities to travel (and not only to the most straightforward places!);
    • Regular and highly diverse team-activities to enjoy;
    • An environment to help shape as we grow, to leave your mark on how we do things;
    • A contemporary working environment where we trust in people taking their responsibilities over policies, protocols and management structures.

The Details

The anticipated start date is July 1st, 2019. Also, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions by sending an e-mail to: