Policy Plan

Triggerise Stichting (the Foundation) is a non-profit institution for the public benefit with ANBI-registration in the Netherlands, as is apparent from the Foundation’s statutes in the Triggerise Stichting Articles of Incorporation and from the actual work planned and implemented by the Foundation.

Management of the Foundation

Pursuant to the Foundation’s Articles of Incorporation and its actual activities, no individual person or legal entity shall have decisive control. Thus no individual person or legal entity can dispose of the Institution’s assets as if they were their own. On the basis of Article 8 of the Articles of Incorporation (provision regarding the decision-making by the executive board and supervisory board) and its actual efficacy has no person with decisive influence within the Foundation. The Supervisory Board consists of seven members and is chaired by Lisa Simutami.

Activities and Work by the Foundation

The foundation’s mission and vision are as follows:

Vision: Our vision is to digitally engage underserved individuals to radically scale health and wellbeing impact, by building user-centric digital platforms that trigger positive behaviours from users –primarily young women and adolescent girls –while strengthening local economies.


• Our digital platform nudges individuals to adopt and maintain positive behaviours by enabling their access to products, services, and information. We use nudges like reminders, discounts, in person and digital follow-ups, and reward points to encourage our users to access and use healthy products, services and information.

• We facilitate online and offline interactions between our users and ecosystem partners - last mile mobilizers, retail shops, pharmacies, and healthcare providers - in the most innovative and cost-effective way.

• We use data, insights, and behavioural science to constantly evolve with our users’ needs and provide them with personalized choices that deliver better health and well-being outcomes. Our technology manages dynamic, real-world interactions every second of every day that produce health and wellbeing benefits to our users.

Our Strategic priorities over the next 3 years

• Impact 1.5 million new users by expanding the depth and breadth of our offers to users.

• Become the market leader in the scalable application of nudges.

• Pivot to an efficiently scalable business model.

• Develop key capabilities to enable the Triggerise Strategy.

Fundraising: Recruitment and Management of Funds

To meet its long-term fixed expenses and to accomplish long-term expansion and growth, Triggerise has developed a New Business Development (NBD) Strategy whose target is to raise at least Eur 33 million between 2020 and 2023. To improve our capacity to mobilize additional funding, we mobilized funding to recruit a high-level Business Development Director.

We also contracted in the last quarter of 2020, a service provider to assist raising additional funds from existing donors and partners through contract extensions or presenting new opportunities for their consideration as well as to develop relationships with new funders that are aligned and interested in supporting us to achieve our strategic priorities and to diversify our funding sources.

Research and development

To enhance our capabilities, we created a new position in 2020, Chief Insights officer that will provide leadership to push our research agenda. We also recruited a UX researcher to build our capacity to undertake user experience research. As part of our new approach to developing new platforms, we also undertook User centered design processes in Burkina Faso and Uganda. The insights arising from these processes are critical to ensure that our platforms are developed and implemented in ways that respond to the needs of our users.

Current Projects

Triggerise continues to implement motivation platforms (either operated directly by us or through partnerships) in markets including Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, India, USA, Burkina Faso and Uganda.

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