Policy Plan

Triggerise Stichting (the Foundation) is a non-profit institution for the public benefit (ANBI), as is apparent from the Foundation’s statutes in the Triggerise Stichting Articles of Incorporation and from the actual work planned and implemented by the Foundation.

Activities and Work by the Foundation

The disposition of Triggerise Sitchting’s assets are made in accordance with its objectives, which include creating, fostering, investing and/or managing businesses and philanthropic solutions to underserved market segments worldwide. The foundation’s mission and vision are as follows:

Vision: To digitally engage underserved individuals in order to radically scale health and wellbeing impact.

Mission: Our digital platform nudges individuals to adopt and maintain positive behaviours by enabling access to products, services and information.

We facilitate online and offline interactions between our users and ecosystem partners in the most innovative and cost effective way.

We use data, insights and behavioural economics to constantly evolve with our client’s needs and provide them with personalised choices that deliver better health & well-being outcomes.

The Foundation shall realize its objections, mission, and vision by raising funds and donations; managing and using such funds through investments into and/or donations to various initiatives worldwide; and consulting, supporting and cooperating with organisations, individuals and institutions.

As described in its mission, the focus of the Foundation’s implementation is its digital platform. Like other digital platforms, Triggerise develops technology and partnerships that provide access to content, products and services – in this case, with the goal of motivating positive behaviour. In practice, this means that Triggerise partners with demand creators and links the people they reach to service providers. This allows Triggerise to attribute impact to demand creators, pay partners based on performance, and use rewards and other behavioral nudges to make it easier for users to make positive choices.

Fundraising: Recruitment and Management of Funds

The Foundation raises funds for the benefit of its objectives through donations, awards, gifts, cost reimbursements, and/or grants. The Foundation writes proposals for funds provided by multilateral funders, bilateral foundations, private foundations, other non-profit organizations and for-profit companies. In 2018, Triggerise Stichting raised €4,531,886, more than three times as much as it did two years ago. This success is largely due to the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, whose funding accounts for 56% of our revenue, compared to the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs (as well as associated Embassies of the Kingdom of The Netherlands – EKN) at 36%, and other funders at 6%.

Capacity Spending of the Foundation

Income received is administered as follows:

Triggerise Stichting involves its 100% subsidiary and management company, Triggerise BV, established in Amsterdam, in the fulfillment of its activities. Triggerise BV implements Triggerise’s digital platform with the support of its subsidiaries, including Triggerise Kenya, Triggerise India, Triggerise South Africa, Triggerise Malawi, Triggerise Tanzania, and Triggerise Labs (a Portugal-based subsidiary that employs Triggerise’s software development team). In addition to Triggerise BV, Triggerise Ethiopia is a subsidiary of Triggerise Stichting (due to Ethiopian legal requirements).

Revenue will be managed and controlled by the Board of the Foundation in accordance with its charter. The related costs of the Foundation should be in reasonable proportion to achieve the best outcomes for the benefit of the objectives of the Foundation and the objectives of its related work programs or projects.

After paying creditors, Triggerise Stichting must spend any remaining capital for the benefit of an organization with similar objectives.

Cost Structure

Cost drivers include project management and implementation salaries, travel expenses, management costs, and programmatic costs (including the nudges Triggerise uses to motivate behaviour). Further costs include building, maintaining, and applying the software that powers Triggerise’s platform.

Management of the Foundation

Pursuant to the Foundation’s Articles of Incorporation and its actual activities, no individual person or legal entity shall have decisive control. Thus no individual person or legal entity can dispose of the Institution’s assets as if they were their own.

On the basis of Article 8 of the Articles of Incorporation (provision regarding the decision-making by the executive board and supervisory board) and its actual efficacy has no person with decisive influence within the Foundation.

The Supervisory Board shall elect a chairperson, a secretary and a treasurer from among its midst. The Supervisory Board consists of six members and is chaired by Lisa Simutami.

Administration and Oversight

The administration of Triggerise Stichting, the preparation of the annual accounts and the account oversight is managed by NielenVanDeLar accountants BV. Triggerise Stichting uses the Netsuite ERP to track expenses and income and allocate to funders/projects.

Remuneration Policy

Triggerise Stichting does not have employees and its board members do not receive any compensation.

Current Projects

Triggerise Stichting is currently implementing projects in Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Uganda and the United States. During 2020-2023, Triggerise Stichting will shift to an operating model that facilitates growth within these countries and to others – primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia.

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