Meet our Team: Angela Muthoni, Web Engineering Team Lead

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For Angela Muthoni, the world makes sense through strong relationships. Whether it’s relationships at work or in her personal life, connection and clarity fuel her. Based in Nairobi, Angela leads our web engineering team. After nine months at Triggerise, we checked in with Angela and asked for her perspective on life.

What drew you to Triggerise in the first place?
The fact that I would be building products that are positively impacting the lives of vulnerable young people within society who essentially do not have access to basic health care as well as working together with colleagues who share the vision.

How do you see yourself fitting into the Triggerise ecosystem and the work we do together?
I am passionate about women’s health. We are at a time where technological advancement is being widely used in the health space. Being at Triggerise helps me and other software engineers build towards this achievement; creating products that deliver positive health impact at scale.

Which Triggerise office or project country do you want to spend some time in?
I would love to go to Burkina Faso. Being in Kenya I’ve been able to witness the impact that we are having and how successful our interventions have become. Our Burkina Faso programme has been operational since 2020 and I’d love to be on the ground and understand how the market works and if it’s any different from the one in Kenya; are there more services we would offer, for example?

What’s your favourite thing about working here?
There are so many great perks I could think of when it comes to working at Triggerise. My favourite is probably being able to work remotely from anywhere. Triggerise is also a forward-thinking organisation that realises that employees are their greatest asset and for that reason, they are always empowering us.

What is one of your favourite ways to rest and recalibrate when you’re not working?
More often than not, I’m with my family travelling to new places or having new experiences. If anything, I value the family unit, and what better way of creating a stronger emotional bond than spending time together?

What does the word “connection” mean to you? How does it play a role in how you interact with people?
Connection is the bond that is shared between individuals. In most cases, genuine connections often lead to positive energy and trust.

How do you hope to leave a mark on the world?
I hope to touch a life whether directly or indirectly. By creating and building the kind of products we have at Triggerise is directly contributing to this; promoting access to sexual and reproductive health to young adults. I want to be able to give a young girl a chance to thrive in this world by being a role model and compassionate listener. I am aware that the world can be a cruel place and I just want to be a shoulder that one can lean on.

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