Meet our team: Faith

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Meet the team: Faith, Nairobi

For the past five years, Faith has worked in the Triggerise team from Nairobi, Kenya. She’s seen the organisation transform from a small group into one of over 150, witnessing growth, challenges, and victories along the way. We sat down with her to peel back the layers, because we could all do with a little more Faith!

We’ll be amplifying more stories from our people in time to come, so today, here’s Faith.

What’s your role at Triggerise?

Currently, I am working as a Project Implementation Manager. Just like it sounds, my role revolves around project planning, kick-off, launching, training, and supervision of the project ecosystems in partner-operated markets. I continue to support existing markets in optimising operations.

What drew you to Triggerise in the first place?

Firstly, I was drawn by the opportunity to work with a new kind of technology, tools, and to deliver impactful work in the development sector. This exposed me to an agile and iterative approach, unique project partnerships, community mobilisation, and a model of empowerment for young people.

Coming from a corporate research firm that dealt with real-time data, I was curious about the visibility of real-time data in development for donors to see how their funding was spent, as well as our use of nudges to effect positive behavioural change through technology.

How do you see yourself fitting into the Triggerise ecosystem and the work we do together?

I fit within Triggerise’s ever-growing environment by adapting to change, collaborating, and being resourceful within the gaps as we grow.

My ability to learn, coupled with my experience and versatility of skills, allows me to plug and play. I am a doer. This has exposed me to handling roles and deliverables that continue to challenge and grow my skill set.

I fit into the ecosystem with my institutional knowledge, lessons learnt along the way, and the fail fast fail forward mindset. I also collaboratively work with other teams on various deliverables and am eager to learn from feedback shared.

Which Triggerise office or project country do you want to spend some time in?

Portugal and the Netherlands.

What’s your favourite thing about working here?

I love what I do, it fulfils me and gives me the opportunity to contribute to work that has an impact in changing lives. The drive to explore uncharted territories in technology and development in existing and new markets invigorates me. I believe in the connections we make with our beneficiaries that drive change in behaviour through the projects we implement. I am passionate about working with other brilliant minds, each excelling in their field of expertise as we continuously innovate and iterate in order to deliver more value to our beneficiaries, proving that Triggerise is a trendsetter.

What is one of your favourite ways to rest and recalibrate when you’re not working?

I unwind by watching series like crime documentaries. I read and listen to audiobooks; I’m always learning. I call home to speak to my folks or members of my family or a friend and we can talk for hours. I love travelling, connecting with people, and having conversations.

What does the word connection mean to you? How does it play a role in how you interact with people?

I’m a people-person; there’s something magical about meeting and getting to know different people and their perspective. I also love how every new person I engage with helps me learn something new about myself that I probably didn’t know. That helps me either align with them or challenge my thought process.

I want to be able to connect with people so that they get to benefit from the skills and knowledge that I have and make the world a better place with what I’ve learnt. One area I connect with others is when training — it doesn’t feel like work at all. There’s an energy and a passion within me that just ignites at the thought of imparting knowledge.

How do you hope to leave a mark on the world?

Showing up as my authentic self to the world: it’s the driving force behind the kind of work I do. My gifts, nature, and personality are all driven by facilitating a particular need: serving others. For me to be able to have an impact in spaces where people are involved means everything.

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