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Delivering evidence-based impact in Kenya

Relevant impact made possible by data-guided and iterative interventions. Half a million teenage girls in Kenya now have easy access to contraceptives and sexual health services through our platform. This is how we made it happen.

Real-time data and powerful collaborations TRIGGERISE-KIBERA-139.webp Funded by the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), In Their Hands (ITH) project has connected 319,228 girls to 336,931 SRH services and products across Kenya in 3 years. We built 145 ecosystems in 19 counties of Kenya. These ecosystems are made of pharmacies, retailers, on-the-ground mobilisers and clinics, jointly aiming to improve the sexual and reproductive health and prevent unwanted pregnancies for 15-19 year-old girls. Our approach towards this objective has been of iterative improvements - learning from the data our members generate and feeding it back into our platform to make it more user-centric every step forward. Access to real-time data and further drawing insights from interactive dashboards based on this data allowed us to improve our platforms in three ways –

  • Optimising nudges based on member behaviour
  • Addressing risk management issues
  • Maintaining the quality and relevance of services offered

The visibility into the real-time performance of our interventions brings transparency and agility to our programme. Making every actor and member accountable and also providing evidence of impact on a real-time basis has offered complete transparency to our donors on the operations and performance of the programme. Simultaneously, accessible insights also facilitate collaborative and agile decision-making by the stakeholders that are required for continuous fine-tuning of complex interventions like this; elevating donor relationship to a partner relationship. ITH has been our flagship programme that demonstrated that relevant impact at scale is possible by deploying technology and behavioural sciences principles.

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