About Triggerise

About Triggerise Services, Solution and Reward.

Our Mission

Triggerise builds user centric motivation platforms that trigger positive behaviours while strengthening local economies

We innovate, standardize and adapt business standards, brands and processes

We are marketers at heart

Rewards and more

We actively impact behaviours

Our Vision

In 2020, we deliver cost efficient wealth and health impact to more than 1 million people

We trigger and implement impact (as opposed to monitor and advise)

Defined as $ spent per impact triggered

Our dual impact, as expressed in our Theory of Change

Impact, as defined by behavior adopted or product acquired and used


Our Objectives and Key Results (OKR)

We aim at impacting 1 million women on: – Health (ie. has at least one Healthy behaviour ie health product or services) or – Wealth (earned $) thanks to our cost efficient interventions (cost per person impacted from 30€ pp to 20€)

We aim at retaining at least 5% of women impacted (ie use any of our products twice)

How we operate

Horizontal teams, built around the “products” (user facing and internal) – in charge of initiating, developing, refining and implementing the products

Vertical teams, built around a common skill set (products, tech, operations…)

We count in weeks (not years)

We cut cost wherever we can

We permanently iterate to reach higher quality standards

We over deliver

We balance global standards and local autonomy We promote internal entrepreneurship We embrace virtual team management We behave as a business – but not for the sake of profit making We follow the agile principles

We power a platform – the Tikosystem.

A platform that users can join (we need to make it easy and rewarding to join and be part of it).

 A platform that motivates and rewards positive behaviour.

 A platform that is accessible to all.

 A platform that enables real time monitoring and control.

It is not about the donors, the partners or the brands. It is about the:


 Last mile connectors / Mobilizers / Agents

Places where Users can access her lifestyle offers

Places where Users can spend Tiko Miles



With a scalable model that works across both geographies and interventions, our customizable approach adapts to the unique needs of communities around the world. We maximize impact by engaging small businesses as partners—connecting fragmented networks with a peer-to-peer approach that doesn’t just benefit consumers, but also strengthens their local economies. And we provide access to real-time data that delivers rich behavioral insights to guide optimization.

Customer Acquisition

Technology and innovations are transforming the world around us—from self-driving cars to mobile payments. And yet the aid sector—which tackles some of the world’s biggest problems—often resists the pace of change.

Business Grows

While segments of the industry are exploring more market-based solutions, even these approaches employ a top-down structure that often disregards local communities and the existing business infrastructures working within them.


In those communities where these resources are needed most, life changes in an instant. A single illness, election or dry season can mean the difference between getting by and spiraling into destitution that can last for generations. That’s why effective aid calls for a dynamic, user-centric approach that introduces powerful incentives to help people overcome these barriers as they arise.


Our solutions are built around people. Using rewards-based platforms that motivate consumers to make positive choices, Triggerise gives local consumers and providers the power to access and deliver aid on their own terms—all while adding value back into their economies.