Eco-systems that multiply impact.

Small, informal businesses are the primary source of goods and services on low-income markets. We use them to inject impact into communities where both standard aid distribution and commercial models have proven inefficient.

You know what people really like? Rewards. They love them. (When was the last time you caught a flight without claiming your miles)?
Iulian Circo on Tiko Companion

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We Have Some Awesome Data. Will You Help us Make Sense of It?

At Triggerise we build entire eco-systems on markets at the bottom of the income pyramid. This means we manage things...

The Case for Consumer-Facing Development

(this is a consolidated version of an article that was first published on linkedin in two parts: the original versions...

Movercado Product Owner

We are looking for a Product Owner for Movercado, our Tech Platform. This is a harder job than it sounds. Movercado is...